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Common Areas


Banana Land


Our beautiful and comfortable double-parlor is hand painted throughout with lush banana trees, earning it the nickname "banana land." The large and lovely farm table is flanked by comfy chairs. Board games are plentiful, and we have an extensive library featuring over 300 books.  If you are enjoying reading one, you may take it with you - and if you finish a book you brought, feel free to leave it for another guest.


Curl up on a sofa or cozy chair, and sip a glass of wine from the honor bar as you peruse our menu book.


Gaze out the old, rippled glass windows and imagine what it might have been like to live here 150 years ago.  Relax.





Our lovely and relaxing Courtyard features a shaded table, and comfortable seating, and tropical plants growing in profusion.

More than 20 young sweet olive trees border the gardens and courtyard. 

Butterflies flit lazily through during the day, and twinkly lights sparkle at night.  Sit a spell.






Our Verandah (Southern for "front porch") is where guests like to sit in our big wicker chairs and people watch. 

In the morning, it's lovely to sip a cup of coffee and watch the neighborhood come to life. 

In the evening, it's the perfect spot for that conversation about just where to go for dinner ... perhaps over a glass of wine from the honor bar.





Grand Hallway

Sweet Olive's thirty-foot-long main hall features fifteen-foot ceilings and hardwood floors hand-painted  in exquisite detail. 

Cream walls are brought to life with the owner's collection of artwork, travel mementos, and New Orleans maps.

TThe hallway also showcases the elaborate costume worn by a former host when he ruled as King of Endymion, and reigned over the city's largest Mardi Gras parade.





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