New in the Neighborhood

In the next block over the historic facade of a building on St. Claude Avenue built in 1926 has been rescued from beneath a nasty sixties-era metal facade, as the building nears completion of its transformation into the New Orleans Healing Center. Soon it will bustle again with folks arriving to buy organic groceries, take a class, do some yoga, get a massage or participate in any of dozens of other activities that fall into the facility’s mission to be “a holistic, safe, sustainable center that heals, fulfills and empowers the individual and the community by providing services and programs promoting physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual, environmental and spiritual well-being.”

Pretty cool mission we think. And handy for us, since we’re directly behind. Here’s the colorful cubist view of the final construction that we get from our side as captured by our good friend and frequent guest Scott Ellis.


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