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Our Neighborhood Gallery Scene

In a recent interview about the upcoming Prospect 1.5 city-wide art exposition, Dan Cameron (formerly the senior curator of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York for more than a decade, and now the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center’s director of visual arts) had some cool stuff to say about our neighborhood galleries:

“A helpful way to think of New Orleans’ gallery system right now is by comparison to the New York gallery structure, pre-East Village. The mid-1980s saw a surge of new money in the art world, as well as a dramatic rise of interest in younger artists’ work, and the more established galleries were, as a whole, slow to respond to these developments. Within a 2-year period more than a hundred galleries opened in a completely different neighborhood, offering art by emerging artists at affordable prices, and the art world was never the same. On a smaller scale, that’s what happening today in New Orleans with the St. Claude Avenue co-op galleries, which are doing some of the best exhibitions in town, but most collectors still don’t know about. In short, there is a very positive shake-up happening in the established order of things here, and we want to be at the forefront of that change.”